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- young men

Chances are if you weren't circumcised as a baby or child, that when at school, you looked enviously on at your lucky roundheaded friends and wished your penis was like theirs. Even if you attempted to discuss the matter with your parents you were probably just fobbed off.

However, now that you are an adult, you can make up your own mind. The majority of young men who are not circumcised, wish they were. How strongly they feel about it varies. Some just think they would probably prefer it if they didn’t have a foreskin, whilst others are certain they want to be circumcised as soon as possible.

About 25% of young men who aren’t circumcised, purport to be perfectly happy with their foreskin and have absolutely no wish to be circumcised. If that is you, you may assume that there is no point in even thinking about being done. As we shall see later, you may well want to reconsider your position.

If you are one of those who would have just preferred it, if you had been circumcised, you now have to make a choice. Some who believe that they would probably be happier if they were done, often don’t feel particularly strongly about the matter. They would rather put up with their foreskin, than face the embarrassment of going to a doctor and admitting they haven’t been circumcised (or even what they think will be embarrassing - having their penis examined by a doctor).

There are those who feel much more strongly about the matter, they really don’t like their foreskin and very much want to be circumcised. Despite their strong wish to be done, they procrastinate and it’s always tomorrow, that they’ll make that appointment to see the doctor. These people can easily be pushed into action by a small event, such as one more infection or seeing a particularly attractive circumcised penis. They just need a spur to action, so eventually they are likely to take the plunge, even if it’s not immediately.

Finally, there are those who cannot stand their ugly, wet and smelly foreskin and are simply desperate to be circumcised. For these people, it’s a no brainer, they will make arrangements to have it done as soon as they are able.

As I’ve said at the start of every section of my website, I do hope you find the following information helpful:

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