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So far we have only looked at preferences, what about sex itself? For many years the debate has raged about whether sex is better if the man is circumcised or not. A few years ago The London Rubber Company, makers of Durex, conducted a trial to answer the question definitively for all time. One thousand couples were selected for the study, half of the men were circumcised and half were not. Each couple kept a diary every day for 6 months concerning their sex lives. Details included, if they had sex, how long it lasted, how enjoyable it was, if they climaxed and so on.

When the results were analysed, it was discovered that the couples whose men were circumcised had sex more often, it lasted longer and it was rated more enjoyable. Most interestingly though, the woman with circumcised partners were 35% more likely to have an orgasm. By any standards this is highly significant, the only conclusion is that sex is considerably more enjoyable for most woman, if their man is circumcised.

This was a properly conducted scientific trial, but back in the late sixties and seventies Forum magazine conducted several polls of readers about woman’s sexual preferences of circumcised verses uncircumcised men. Although only ad hoc unscientific polls, thousands of readers replied. The results were always the same, woman had a definite preference for a circumcised penis. Nine out of ten woman preferred a circumcised penis. They preferred the look, feel and smell, with sex being rated as having superior stimulation and feeling, and much more likely to end in orgasm.

Many woman find they no longer need to fake orgasms when they first have sex with a circumcised man. In addition, foreplay is much more pleasant because of the attractive looks, feel and lack of smell of the foreskin free penis. The lack of infections is also a powerful incentive to enjoy sex without the worry of having to resort to the Canesten cream the next day. No wonder most woman prefer a circumcised penis.

Some woman will only experience sex with uncircumcised men, sadly for them, they will never know what they are missing. Yet others will only ever have sex with circumcised partners, they will never realise how lucky they are! Most woman will eventually experience sex with circumcised and uncircumcised partners. Some claim they don’t have a preference, but most do have a preference, and not unsurprisingly, that is for circumcised.