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You Already Have a Son but He Hasn't Been Circumcised

- The Single Mum
Which Did You Choose?

What is needed to achieve all these benefits? A quick, simple, safe procedure that only takes about ten minutes. The benefits last a lifetime. No wonder virtually all American baby boys are circumcised as routine. Sadly, as in most things in England, we lag behind. This is mainly due to apathy and ignorance, rather than being against circumcision per se. The good news is that more and more parents are becoming aware of the benefits and having their children done.

I hope this little exercise has helped you make up your mind. There's lots more in depth information on this website about all aspects of circumcision.

So, it’s your choice, which would you prefer, Penis Type A or Penis Type B?

I’m willing to bet you chose Penis Type A!

The Type A penis has been circumcised. This photo was taken shortly after the baby’s foreskin was removed. Note the beautifully smooth, rounded, exposed glans. That is why parents choose to have their children circumcised. A circumcised penis is much, much nicer than one with a foreskin. It looks nicer, feels nicer, works better, and doesn’t suffer from problems and infections. It will never, ever smell. It will be problem free all through his childhood. When he’s an adult, sex will be more enjoyable for both partners, and the majority of woman prefer it. No special cleaning regime is needed, it is clean, hygienic and smell free 24/7.

Penis Type A

This second photo on the right shows the Type B uncircumcised penis. Note the unnecessary, ugly, wrinkly covering of foreskin. Unless he is circumcised, it will be impossible to clean under his foreskin for years. This will dramatically increase his risk of infections. There are numerous other problems that his unwanted foreskin might cause him.  Would you really want to inflict this needlessly on your precious baby boy?  Fortunately for him, he is just about to be circumcised, so he’ll never suffer from any of these problems.

Penis Type B
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