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When I was at school, by far the majority of the other boys were circumcised, unfortunately, my penis hadn’t been done. It’s probably why I ended up hating games so much. I was so embarrassed by my “abnormal” penis.

I was desperate to find out what was wrong with it. I asked my parents why my penis was different, but they refused to discuss it with me. They had no idea how unhappy I was.

Eventually, a friend’s mum kindly told me that I hadn’t been circumcised, that was why I had that ugly piece of skin on the end of my penis. It was also why it was wet and smelly.

Having discovered that my penis could be made normal, like the other boys, I begged my parents to take me to the doctor, to get it circumcised. My father, who wasn’t circumcised himself, flatly refused. I think he realised, that once inside the surgery, the doctor would tell him that I should be circumcised for my own good. I’ll never know why my father was so against something that would have done me no harm, yet done me so much good.

Please don’t inflict this on your child, please have him circumcised, for his own good.

Remember, a circumcised child is a happy, healthy child. Most children who are not circumcised, are not not happy with their penis. They want it to look normal, they wish it wasn’t wet and smelly.

Most importantly, circumcision will have absolutely no detrimental effect on your son’s sex life when he gets older. Quite the opposite in fact.

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A circumcised penis looks so attractive

Circumcision is very good for you

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What will circumcision do to my child?

Being circumcised feels wonderful

A circumcised child is a happy, healthy child

Nine out of ten women prefer a circumcised penis


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