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Circumcision is very good for you

A circumcised penis doesn’t only look attractive and feel wonderful, its also very good for you. A circumcised child is a happy healthy child. He’ll virtually never suffer from urinary tract infections, in fact it’s over ten times less likely, than if he hadn’t been circumcised.

He won’t suffer from Posthitis (inflammation of the foreskin) which is quite common in uncircumcised children.

He is most unlikely to suffer from Balanitis (inflammation of the glans) which is also quite common in uncircumcised children.

He will also never suffer from Phimosis (too narrow an opening at the end of the foreskin) or Para-Phimosis (foreskin stuck behind glans) Phimosis is also not uncommon among uncircumcised children. Para-Phimosis is extremely distressing, and is likely to induce panic in your child. If not treated immediately, it can lead to strangulation of the penis, which is very dangerous and could lead to amputation.

If your child is circumcised as a baby, he won’t get cancer of the penis when he’s older.

This could happen to your child if you don’t have him circumcised

The biggest single cause of emergency circumcision is little boys getting their foreskins trapped in their trouser zip. Imagine the unbelievable pain and distress that would cause your child. He would have to be rushed to hospital as an emergency, with a bleeding foreskin.

The only good thing to come out of this traumatic experience, would be that he would at least end up being circumcised, but this is a trauma that could have been avoided had he been circumcised as a baby.

Just imagine how terrible you would feel as a parent if this happened to your little boy. You could have prevented it, and given him a beautifully circumcised penis from square one.

Thousands of poor innocent children go through this needless suffering every year, when it could have so easily been avoided.

Don’t make him embarrassed in the school changing room

If you don’t have your son circumcised, he could end up being very embarrassed when the other boys see his penis in the changing room or shower.

Chances are, most of the other boys will have been circumcised. When your son sees the other boys penises, with their attractive smooth rounded ends, he is bound to wonder why his penis isn’t the same.

It will be impossible for him to escape the fact that his wrinkly, anteater like penis doesn’t look nearly as nice as his circumcised friends. This will do his self esteem no good at all. He is likely to wonder what is wrong with his penis.  As his parent, you may not even be aware of how upset he feels, so he ends up suffering in silence. (This is exactly what happened to me at school).

Your son trusts and relies on you to make the right decision -

don’t let him down

A circumcised penis looks so attractive

Something that virtually everybody agrees on is that a circumcised penis, with it’s smooth rounded end, looks infinitely more attractive than an uncircumcised penis, with it’s ugly, wrinkly, anteater-like foreskin on the end.

In fact, the most common reason that Mums want their baby boys circumcised is not for hygienic reasons.  It is because they love the look of the smooth, rounded end of a beautifully circumcised penis.  Every time these Mums change their baby’s nappy, bath him, or see him naked and see his exposed glans, they know they did the right thing in having him circumcised.




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