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What will circumcision do to my child?
- The Benefits


Naturally, many parents wonder what effect circumcision will have on their child. The most obvious one is that without a foreskin covering his glans, it will now be permanently exposed to the air. This will bring him many hygiene benefits. Probably even more important are the problems it will immediately and permanently solve.

The big problem with the natural penis is that the glans is covered up by the foreskin. This is highly undesirable. If you are ever to keep your penis clean and hygienic, it is essential that your glans is exposed to the air at all times. The only practical way of achieving this is to remove the unwanted foreskin. This is why having your child circumcised is so important.

Fortunately, your child does not need a foreskin, in fact his penis will function so much better without it. There is no problem removing it, it only takes a few minutes. Removing your son’s foreskin will not cause your son any harm whatsoever. Circumcision is very good for your child.

Don’t kid yourself that he will be somehow able to keep his penis clean by regular washing with soap and water. Most children will have a bath or shower once a day, that’s twenty four hours between each washing of his penis.

Smegma  starts to build up under the foreskin as soon as the skin covers the glans. Retract the foreskin just an hour after washing, and already you can detect that unmistakable fishy, cheesy smell. He will have another twenty three hours to go before his penis is washed again. He cannot be washing his penis every hour of the day and night. It just isn’t practical.

Circumcising him will completely solve the problem. Even after twenty four hours, his penis will be 100% smegma and stale urine free. Absolutely no smell whatsoever, all day and all night.

Given that circumcising your child will cause him no harm at all, why would any responsible parent not want their child’s troublesome foreskin removed.

Being circumcised feels wonderful

Probably one of the nicest things about being circumcised is how pleasant your son’s penis will feel to him. Because his glans will be permanently exposed to the air, it will always be bone dry. Because it’s always dry, it feels very pleasant and warm. By contrast, an uncircumcised penis feels unpleasant and cold on the wrinkly tip because it is mostly wet or damp.

The permanently exposed glans feels wonderful in contact with your underpants.  Any slight movement between the glans and pants produces a most pleasant sensation. Not erotic, but you are aware of your penis when you are circumcised. If you haven’t been circumcised, because your glans is covered up by the foreskin, you can’t enjoy this lovely sensation. It’s as if your penis is dead, or you don’t even have one.

It is also a great relief not to have the endless constricting influence that the foreskin exerts on the glans. The slight but constant squeezing pressure from the foreskin can get very trying. It feels most liberating to free the glans from the unwanted pressure and to allow it to expand to it’s natural size. Indeed, the glans on a circumcised penis is about 25% bigger than the soft and somewhat weedy glans on an uncircumcised penis. The circumcised glans is also firmer and plumper with a much better defined ridge where it meets the shaft.

It is very reassuring to know that once circumcised the glans will never be covered up again. As a caring parent, how could you possibly deny your child the wonderful pleasure of having his glans always uncovered, foreskin free and exposed to the air at all times?  Plus, so much less risk of any infections.

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