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Also please note, all the words contained in this website are my own, as are all the opinions.  All the information contained in “My Story” is true and accurate as far as my memory serves me over the past almost-70 years, though names of other people have been changed.  However, the photographs/pictures used have been taken from the World Wide Web in the belief that they are free from copyright restrictions;  should you hold a copyright on any picture used in “A Parent’s Decision” then I apologise and ask that you let me know via the web host (Easyspace) and I will, of course, remove said picture immediately.


Please ensure that you read my


Please make sure that you read this page carefully before proceeding through the website


Inevitably, a website that is devoted to the benefits of circumcision, will of necessity contain illustrations and photos of penises. Be aware that if you click on a hyperlink that says “Photo of adult male penis” that is what you will see!”

Also, be aware that some words used for “penis” may not be ones you would use.  I have tried to use appropriate slang words for the penis, according to the age of the reader of the relevant page.  I have no wish to offend anyone.



This web site is not a scientific or medical dissertation and as such no long list of references will be found in an appendix. It is a simple but serious attempt to inform parents as best as possible. Any opinions are my own, and just that - opinions! Any information or facts are, as far as I am aware, as true and accurate as possible, I am making no attempt to mislead anyone.

A Parent’s Decision is a personal site, not for profit.  I have no sponsors of any kind and you will not find any advertisements on this site.  Therefore, there is no source of revenue for myself.

I sincerely hope you find some helpful information and that my efforts have been worthwhile.



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