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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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Make it Easy for Him


The biggest stumbling block for men wanting to be circumcised is embarrassment.

They are too embarrassed to make an appointment with a doctor and admit that they haven’t been circumcised. They know the doc will want to examine their ugly, wet and smelly penis. Later on there will be nurses cleaning it prior to the procedure and the Doc manhandling it as well.

For some it’s all just too much. They probably also harbour worries about how much it will hurt, will they stand the pain, what if something goes wrong or they don’t like it. On top of all that, they may worry about their mates teasing them relentlessly.

Plus, what if his parents find out what he has done? After all they have spent his entire childhood doing everything they can to prevent him being circumcised, now all of a sudden, he has undone all their hard work and just had his precious foreskin removed, just like that. They are likely to be furious.

I would urge you to try your best to overcome this embarrassment.  Surely, the wonderful results will far outweigh any “embarrassment” you feel right now.  Soon, you and your partner will look back with a smile and wonder what that was all about!