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One very important point, unless your son has a specific problem with his penis, i.e. Phimosis or Chronic Balanitis, you wont get it done on the NHS. Despite the NHS generally being supportive of preventative procedures, this unfortunately does not extend to the benefits of routine circumcision. Attitudes are gradually changing however and more NHS trusts are prepared to carry out routine infant circumcisions on demand.

Interestingly enough, if you live in Scotland, you can legally insist on circumcision for your child as a routine preventative procedure. So, generally if you live in England, you will need to go to a private circumcision clinic - try the  Circumcision Centre (link opens in a new window):

Or, Google circumcision clinic and your postcode to find the nearest one you like the look of.

The advantages of a private clinic are, virtually no wait, procedure will be carried out by an expert who does this all the time, rather than a junior NHS doctor with perhaps little experience. You may also have a choice of “Methods” (see on the next page) and the surroundings may well be more pleasant than an NHS hospital.

After looking at photos of Phimosis and Balanitis, perhaps you’d like to see some pictures of successfully circumcised babies so that you can see how your son’s willy should be!

These links (left) take you to photos of

uncircumcised CHILDREN’S PENISES

suffering from the infections mentioned


These photos are extremely explicit;

do not proceed unless you are absolutely sure you wish to view these explicit photos

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