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6.  Is Circumcision on the decline?
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Anti-circumcision web sites constantly try to convince you that circumcision is on a rapid decline throughout the world. They usually site America and point out that fewer and fewer parents are having their children circumcised. In support of this claim they point to hospital records that show a big decline in the number of babies being circumcised in the hospital just after birth. This is true. They make out that this is because of the success of their campaign to inform the general public of the evils of circumcision. However, what they don’t tell you is the real reason for this.

The real reason is that until fairly recently most American health insurance policies included free circumcision for baby boys. Because the insurance paid, hospitals put up the rate so much, that eventually the insurance companies realised they were being taken for a ride and discontinued the cover. This meant that the parents had to stump up the inflated cost.

Naturally, parents started to look elsewhere for a cheaper alternative. Some went to their own doctor who only charged a fraction of the hospital rates. Also private specialized circumcision clinics started to grow up and fill the gap, at much more reasonable prices. However, parents having their baby boys circumcised in a private clinic, generally did not have their newborn’s medical records to hand.

Consequently, the baby left hospital with his medical records stating that he hadn’t been circumcised. So it appeared that fewer parents were having their baby boys circumcised. They were just having them circumcised in some place other than the hospital they were born in. Just as many were being circumcised. In fact the numbers still continue to grow.

Another case where the statistics can be misleading is where a survey is taken. Take California for example. There are large numbers of Mexican immigrants in the State, both legal and illegal. Many of these people are very poor and simply can’t afford to have their children circumcised. For similar reasons most of the parents themselves are not circumcised. Yet other immigrants are Chinese or Vietnamese who traditionally don’t circumcise their children.

So in any survey in this sort of area, it would appear that the circumcision rate has dropped from the national average of about 90%, to a figure of about 60%. The anti-circumcision movement point to this 60% figure and say that less and less parents are having their children circumcised. This simply isn’t true. Sometimes they will extrapolate this figure to cover the entire country, which is utter nonsense.

Because they now feel American, most second generation immigrants end up going with the American way and have their offspring circumcised. After all, circumcision is the norm, virtually all baby boys are done, so there is considerable social pressure for their children to be normal. So, a large influx of people who are not circumcised is only a short one generation blip, and does not constitute an overall reduction in circumcision rates. The fact is the rate is still on the increase, not in decline as they would have you believe.

Fortunately, despite decades of doing their damndest, they have failed to persuade sensible American parents from doing what is best for their children, having them circumcised. Had they succeeded, it would have caused all those children so much unnecessary suffering. The anti-circumcision movement only has the support of about 1% of the population, so does not in any way constitute mainstream opinion.