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#2.  Compulsory Circumcision

Compulsory Circumcision:


Compulsory Circumcision:


Compulsory Circumcision

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Whilst researching links to other web sites, I accidentally came across a blog to make circumcision compulsory. At first sight I thought that this was a step too far. Surely, parents have an absolute right to decide whether or not they have their children circumcised. Although I am entirely in favour of circumcision, I wasn’t sure that making circumcision compulsory, was the right thing. However, having read the blog in full, and having thought about the consequences, I think it would have enormous benefits. Let me share my thoughts with you.

I remember when legislation was brought in making the wearing of seat belts in cars compulsory. At the time, many people, including me, were outraged that the choice to wear a seat belt or not, had been taken away from us. In those days, many people honestly thought that if they were about to have an accident, all they had to do was to put their hands on the dashboard to prevent themselves from going through the windscreen. People simply didn’t understand that hitting something at thirty miles per hour was the equivalent of jumping out of a third floor window on to solid concrete. Just try putting your hands out to break your fall before you hit the ground and see how much that helps.

Sometimes you have to legislate to save people from themselves. There is no question of doubt that seat belts have saved tens of thousands of lives. Nowadays, most people would not dream of driving a car without their seatbelt. Indeed, they would probably feel very vulnerable, and almost naked without their seatbelt. Even if the seatbelt legislation was now repealed, most drivers would continue to use their seatbelt, its just something you do every time you get in the car.

Similarly, if circumcision of newborn babies was made compulsory, then at first, there would no doubt be some parents who would be outraged that they no longer had any choice in the matter. Just as at first, making seatbelts compulsory caused outrage, this quickly became the norm, and nobody gave any thought to it. So initially, compulsory circumcision of babies would cause outrage among some parents, after a few years though, circumcision would just be the norm, and nobody would give any thought to it. Likely hood is, after a generation when all babies had been circumcised as a matter of course, and it had become the norm, even if you gave parents back the choice, the vast majority would continue to voluntarily have their babies circumcised.

All that is really necessary to make circumcision universally acceptable is simply to make it the norm, then nobody thinks about it any more. It’s what everybody does to their newborn baby boys. Just as nobody asks if you want your baby’s umbilical chord fitted with a plastic clip, nobody would ask if you wanted a Plastibell popped under your baby’s foreskin. Children simply don’t have foreskins. After about three generations of automatic circumcision, nobody has a foreskin. There would be virtually nobody left who knows what a foreskin is. For all intents and purposes, this is now already the situation in The US.

The vast majority of American woman have never seen a foreskin, let alone touched one, or heaven forbid had sex with a man with a foreskin. Although not compulsory, virtually all American males are circumcised. The reason is that everyone has their baby boys circumcised, without ever giving it a thought, because it is the norm. It would be unthinkable for most parents not to have their children circumcised.

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suffering from Cancer of the Penis


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What would be the benefits if all children were circumcised in this country? Firstly, the obvious, all children would enjoy an attractive, hygienic penis, which not only looked good, but felt wonderful. All the many problems that the foreskin causes would instantly and permanently disappear for all children, not just the lucky ones who’s parents would have had them circumcised anyway.

No more foreskin problem related visits to the GP for every child. This would produce a huge saving in GP’s time, and more importantly a huge reduction in needless suffering for the innocent children. Making circumcision compulsory would save the vulnerable child from his well meaning, but misguided, or ill informed parents. The legislation would be protecting children who are otherwise powerless. All children would be the same, in the school changing rooms and showers every child would have a normal attractive penis. No child would ever feel ashamed or embarrassed because of his foreskin.

After a generation, every woman would be guaranteed that their man would be circumcised. Every woman would be able to enjoy sex to the full, not just the lucky ones. Having a sexual preference regarding circumcision would completely disappear, since all men would now be circumcised. No more worrying that the gorgeous guy you are just starting to go out with, will turn out to have a foreskin, you can be sure that the penis in his pants will definitely be circumcised. The spread of STDs would also be dramatically reduced. Cancer of the penis would be virtually eliminated.

Around 30% of couples fail to agree on whether to circumcise their child or not. Since no doctor will circumcise a child unless both parents agree, effectively the parent who doesn’t want their child done, always “wins”. Imagine how angry the parent who desperately wanted their child to be circumcised feels. They will likely feel that they have seriously let their child down, and should have fought his corner more vigorously. Every time they see his ugly, wrinkly, wet and smelly foreskin, they are likely to have a terrible pang of conscience that he has to needlessly put up with this.

Such feelings of anger and resentment will not go away. Indeed, they are likely to get worse as time goes by. This is going to put a great strain on the relationship. If only they had managed to persuade their partner, that their little boy should be circumcised, he would now have a beautiful, smooth, rounded end, exposed glans, rather than this ugly, wrinkly, skin covered penis.

By taking the decision out of the parents hands, there would be no more disagreement and arguments. The winner would be their child, who would end up with a normal healthy penis, just like all the other boys. I’m sure many couples would rather they didn’t have to make the decision for themselves. Since your child, and everybody else's, will be circumcised anyway, there’s no point in even discussing it.

All of these things are for the good. I can’t think of any negative points. Very few parents are actually against circumcision. In this country, most parents who don’t have their children circumcised, simply don’t get around to it or are not sufficiently aware of the many benefits. They don’t think that circumcision is bad, deep down inside most parents know that circumcision is good for their child.

In The US it is just assumed that all parents will want their babies circumcised. Shortly after your baby boy is born you will be asked to sign the consent form for his circumcision. Most parents will just sign it without batting an eyelid. After all, every body has their baby boy circumcised. Mom can’t wait to get rid of that horrible wrinkly piece of skin that is spoiling the look of her son’s penis. She just wants it to look normal, with a smooth rounded end, like all the other baby boys.

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