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#2.  Compulsory Circumcision, page 2

Compulsory Circumcision:


Compulsory Circumcision:


Compulsory Circumcision

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Continued from Thought #2, PAGE 1

In the extremely unlikely event that mom says she doesn’t want her baby circumcised, the nurse will explain how important it is that her baby is done. If that fails to change her mind, it’s likely a doctor will be called to spell out in no uncertain terms the serious error that she is about to commit. There will be leaflets explaining the benefits and also pointing out the problems that not having her child circumcised will cause him. There will likely also be videos to persuade you to have your baby circumcised.

There is going to be considerable pressure from family, relatives and friends to conform. Even the moms in the next beds are likely to confirm that they are, or have had, their own baby boys circumcised. They may even offer to take their baby’s nappy off, and show how much nicer their son’s willy looks, without that ugly foreskin. Seen side by side, most parents would have to admit that the smooth round exposed glans looks so much nicer than than a wrinkly foreskin. Hopefully, this just might be enough to change the reluctant mom’s mind.

Most people do eventually succumb, and have their baby circumcised. This is just as well, since life

as the only child with an anteater like penis, is going to be very tough indeed. At school he is likely to

be teased and possibly bullied, because he is different to all the other boys. Teachers are likely to

strongly disapprove of the parents irresponsible behaviour in not having him circumcised. This is a

cruel thing to do to your child.

In the past, if a parent could not be persuaded to sign the consent form, their baby would often be circumcised anyway. An excuse would be made that the doctor had no choice, since there was a problem with the baby’s penis, i.e. the foreskin was torn, too tight etc. Once the baby boy’s foreskin has been removed, it can never be put back.

The parents would soon get used to it, no one would comment, since virtually all babies were circumcised anyway. The baby won’t have been harmed in any way, quite the opposite. Now he will grow up with a beautifully circumcised penis, that he otherwise wouldn’t have had, if his parents had had their way. He will be so glad that his parents “had him done”.

The end justifies the means. Instead of having to put up with all the problems caused by the foreskin, their child will now grow up with a normal circumcised hygienic penis. He is lucky to be spared the fate that his well meaning, but misguided parents, had in store for him.

However, these days it would likely end in a law suit, even if the baby hadn’t been harmed in any way.

The bottom line is, I believe that compulsory circumcision would be an enormous force for good. I admit initially, I thought it was a step too far, and that parents must have the right to choose. However, the real issue here is protecting innocent and powerless children from their well meaning, but misguided parents.

Very few parents are actually against circumcision, in their hearts, most parents know it’s good for their child. The problem is, that in this country, you are no longer offered circumcision for your child in an NHS hospital. That ended in the early 1970’s due to the huge cut in the NHS budget. The NHS stopped offering circumcision on demand, not on medical grounds, purely on economic grounds. There simply wasn’t enough staff to deliver babies, let alone circumcise them. Interestingly, In Scotland, you can still legally insist on circumcision for your baby boy.

If you are lucky enough to have your baby in a private clinic, there will be full provision for circumcising your baby boy, just like The US. Private clinics know that the vast majority of their clients will want their babies circumcised. About 90% of baby boys born in private clinics end up being circumcised. Virtually all ‘celebs’, well educated and rich parents have their children circumcised.

Sadly, if you have your baby in an NHS hospital, you are on your own. There will be absolutely no help or information on the benefits of circumcision for your child. The word circumcision will not be mentioned. If you ask whether or not you should have your baby circumcised, you will almost certainly be fobbed off.

You are likely to be told that there is no need to make an immediate decision, it can be done anytime. Why not leave it until your son is old enough to decide for himself? That way, he will end up with the penis he wants, rather than what you think he should have. If you have him done now, when he grows up he might hate it, and hate you for doing it to him, without his permission. After all, it is his penis, not yours, surely he should decide.

It all sounds very reasonable. The parents are glad that

they don’t have to make a difficult decision now. They

can put it off till some time in the future, just what they

wanted to hear!

Unfortunately, although initially this sounds fair enough, it is fatally flawed for several reasons. At what age is your son old enough to decide for himself? Is eight years old enough? Quite a burden for an eight year old I would have thought. How about twelve years old? By twelve years old your son has already gone through most of his formative childhood years. During that time he has had to put up with all the problems of not being circumcised.

He has almost certainly looked enviously at his lucky circumcised friends and wished his willy was like theirs. Now you ask him if he would like to go into hospital and have bits cut off his penis. Not surprisingly, most twelve year olds are going to decline your kind offer. Even though they would almost certainly have preferred it, if they had been circumcised as a baby. By now it is too late. Your son will be condemned to putting up with his foreskin, probably for the rest of his life.

Of course, all this assumes that you as a parent, ever get around to having this embarrassing discussion with your son. Many parents, precisely because they are so embarrassed, keep putting off the dreaded day longer and longer. The longer they put it off, the older their son gets, and the more difficult the conversation will be. Eventually, they realise they have just left it too late and it never gets mentioned at all.

As a parent, it really is your duty to decide if your son is going to be circumcised. Indeed you should have come to your decision long before he was born. The best time to be

circumcised, is as a baby, just after birth. That way the

procedure is very simple and safe. It will heal very

quickly. Your baby will sleep through most of the healing

process anyway.

He will have no recollection of his circumcision, and is likely to go through most of his childhood, unaware that anything has been done to him. He will just enjoy a normal, beautifully circumcised penis, that looks and feels nice and doesn’t give him any problems.  

Hopefully, having already made the decision, that your baby boy is going to be circumcised, you will need to find a private circumcision clinic. It’s advisable to find a clinic you are happy with, well before your baby is born. That way you can have everything in place, ready to go shortly after you come home from hospital. If you leave the arrangements until after your baby is born, then likely as not, with all the things that need doing once you return home, the time will evaporate and you will never get around to his circumcision.

Try Google’ing circumcision clinic and your postcode to find one near you. You may prefer to have a doctor do it in the comfort of your own home. It should cost about £75. Most importantly, make sure the doctor is properly qualified, make sure you are happy with the method he will use, make absolutely sure your baby will receive adequate pain relief.






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