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One of the problems parents face when having to make an emotive decision, like, “do I have my child circumcised?” is that many parents come with a baggage of preconceived ideas. This may not even be conscious. To make a rational decision, this baggage has to be discarded. That is easier said than done. That is why I have come up with this attempt to help you look at the situation from an angle you wouldn't normally expect. Here goes!

Imagine a world where all baby boys were born without a foreskin. The glans was permanently exposed and everybody’s penis was clean, healthy and hygienic 24/7. Infections were virtually unknown, nobody suffered any problems such as Phimosis or Posthisis. In addition all penises looked good and felt good. Having a pee was no problem either. When it came to sex everyone enjoyed it to the full. In short, problems with the penis were virtually unknown. Everyone was happy.

Then one day along came a doctor with a brilliant idea. His suggestion was to attach a piece of skin to the penis, so that instead of the glans being permanently exposed, it was now covered up all the time. The doctor explained that this would give the penis more protection from abrasion. Critics of this idea argued that the penis didn’t need any more protection, since underpants did a perfectly good job already.

The doctor did concede however, that attaching this piece of skin did have a few downsides. Firstly, it meant that having a pee was now a bit of a messy experience. The urine no longer just came out of the end of the penis in a straight line. The newly attached piece of skin could deflect the urine at an unknown angle, which might miss the toilet bowl altogether. In order for the pee to come out, the new bit of skin needed to be forced apart, making it harder work. Some urine also got trapped under the skin, but that could dribble into one’s pants, so it didn’t really matter.

Rates of infections were higher with the added skin, as the penis was now harder to keep clean. Anti-biotic's were generally able to clear up most infections however. Many parents complained that after fitting the new skin, their child’s penis didn’t look as nice as before. Children who had it done also said other boys made fun of them, because of their strange looking willys. A further downside was that the children said they didn’t like the feel of their new penis. Whereas before their penis was clean, dry and hygienic, now it was unclean, wet and smelly.

Undeterred, the good doctor was adamant that despite these minor downsides, it was worth it for the added protection it afforded. After all, toilets could be cleaned up, infections could be cured with anti-biotic’s and rigorous cleaning regimes put in place to help keep the penis clean. The fact that the penis didn’t look as nice as before was in his opinion irrelevant. Who cares what it looks like? As for not feeling very nice, your child should eventually get used to it.

Unfortunately, when it came to sex, things didn’t look good. To put it bluntly, nine out of ten woman interviewed, said they simply didn’t like men with the extra bit of skin fitted. It made their penis look most unattractive, which put them off sex. The extra piece of skin didn’t feel nice and the penis now had a horrible smell. It was possible to enjoy sex, but it was classed as second rate and the woman reported considerably less orgasms.

The conclusion from almost all concerned, was that the good doctor’s idea, of covering the penis with this extra piece of skin, was definitely not an improvement. In fact it turned a perfectly normal, functioning penis into a nightmare.

Only a small number of people believed it was worth all the problems that this piece of skin caused, just for the extra protection it afforded.

However, the doctor was keen to point out, that despite what most people had said about sex, the thousands of extra nerve endings the new skin provided, must improve sex. Even if this was not borne out in practise. Later surveys also revealed that you were 65% more likely to succumb to the HIV virus if you had the added skin. A very small number of patients also died from cancer of the penis. Because the number was so small, it was not deemed worth worrying about, said the doctor.

How did you react to this story? Which did you think was best, the original penis with no skin, or the one with the added skin? I think if you were being honest, you would think that the original penis, without skin was the better bet. The whole silly idea of pointlessly adding an extra bit of skin to a perfectly normal, fully functioning penis, is frankly absurd. No one in their right mind would contemplate causing all these unnecessary problems, when there was nothing wrong with the penis in the first place.

Assuming that you decided that the penis without the added skin was best, you will have made this decision by thinking out of the box. That is, with no preconceived ideas. Having decided that a penis is best without a covering of skin, all that is now required, is to make one small change to the scenario. Instead of being born without skin, babies are born with skin. This small point doesn’t change the fact, that you decided that a penis without skin, is better than one with skin.

If it was a dangerous and risky business to remove this piece of unwanted skin, then probably no one would contemplate doing it, despite the many advantages it would clearly bring. However, removing the foreskin poses no problem at all. It only takes a few minutes, it’s simple, safe and can be completely painless.

Hopefully, you have now decided that your son would be better off without that troublesome piece of skin. All you have to do to achieve this is have him circumcised. Having him circumcised will be absolutely no problem. Notice that in the above scenario, I deliberately didn’t use emotive words like circumcise, foreskin and glans. This helps to de-emotionalise the subject and concentrate on the message instead.

Possibly one of the stumbling blocks to you having your son circumcised, was that it didn’t seem nice and wasn’t natural. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s best. It’s not natural to have immunisations against terrible diseases, but it is sensible. If your child was born without a foreskin, I’m sure that you wouldn’t dream of adding one, because that would definitely not improve his penis. Therefore, a penis without skin is better than a penis with skin. Therefore, since your son was born with skin, his penis would be better off without it. Best then to have him circumcised.

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