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- The Risks of Being Circumcised
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No doubt you have heard warnings that any medical procedure carries some element of risk, therefore why subject your child to a procedure such as circumcision, when it is not absolutely essential?

Circumcision is the most widely performed surgical procedure in the world. If carried out by a properly trained professional under hygienic conditions, it is as near 100% safe as is possible to get. Indeed, far more people die because they haven’t been circumcised than because they have. It is much safer to have your child circumcised than to do nothing.

It is similar to people with a fear of flying. Many people are terrified of flying in a plane but don’t bat an eyelid driving to the airport in a car which is hundreds of times more dangerous. Statistically, the plane is much less likely to crash than your car. Similarly, having your child circumcised carries much less risk than not having him circumcised.

Uncircumcised children have about ten times the chance of suffering from urinary tract infections. If these go undiagnosed or untreated, (which can happen), it can lead to kidney damage or even kidney failure. Ultimately, this can cause death. Also, being circumcised at birth gives near 100% protection against cancer of the penis. Invasive cancer of the penis is nearly always fatal, but is entirely preventable by being circumcised at birth. Imagine how you would feel as a parent, if your son eventually died of this terrible disease, and you could have prevented it.

If you are circumcised you are 65% less likely to get an HIV infection. This is because the inside layer of the foreskin is the perfect place for the AIDS virus to prosper and survive. The HIV virus literally “locks on” to the foreskin. If you don’t have a foreskin it’s much harder for the virus to survive. If you yourself don’t have HIV then you can’t pass it on to anyone else. Whilst not a 100% guarantee that you won’t get HIV, 65% improvement is surely worth it. It just might be the difference between life and death.    

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