A Parent’s Decision

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The Decision:  

On a slightly selfish note, there is the feel good factor in knowing you have done the best for your son by having him circumcised. He will grow up being proud of his attractive penis with it’s smooth rounded end. He won’t ever have to put up with a smelly, itchy, sore or inflamed foreskin.

You won’t have the embarrassment of having to show him how to retract and clean away the muck under his foreskin, or having to tell him that he needs to pull back his foreskin before he can have a pee. You also won’t have to keep checking regularly that he is actually doing all this. In fact no mention of genital hygiene is necessary at all, since he will always be clean and healthy 24/7 without any special attention required. No need to answer any awkward questions like “What is wrong with my willy, why has it got that wrinkly piece of skin on the end, why is it wet and smelly?” In short, absolutely no problems at all.

While parents who didn’t have their son circumcised are agonising over yet another infection or that his foreskin seems so tight, you can afford to enjoy a certain smugness that your son will never, ever have any of these problems.

When your son grows up and starts having sex, you can be confident that his partners will be very glad that he has been circumcised. They won’t have to put up with an ugly, wet and smelly penis. Instead, they can enjoy an attractive clean and hygienic circumcised penis, that is inviting to touch, and feels so much nicer inside. They can both enjoy sex to the full, they won’t have to make do with a second or third rate experience. Having both enjoyed the benefits of circumcision, it is almost a certainty that they will both want any future children of theirs, circumcised too.


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