A Parent’s Decision

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Your son deserves an attractive and hygienic penis

My overriding concern is for your child to have an attractive and hygienic penis. I am sure that as a responsible and caring parent that is also your wish too.

There are two options. Your child can either have

Ask yourself, which would you prefer? If you’re honest I’m sure you would opt for the

first one that looks and feels good and is clean and hygienic.

Why would anyone really want the second choice, unattractive, unhygienic, wet, smelly, doesn’t even feel nice and prone to many problems.

If you want your son to have the best possible penis, you should seriously consider having him circumcised. If you do nothing he will have to put up with all the problems that having a foreskin causes. I hope that having read the previous benefits section that you have already decided that you want your son circumcised.  Having made up your mind to do it, do not let anyone, however well meaning, dissuade you from the responsible and caring decision you have carefully made.

Getting around to having your child circumcised, is similar to deciding to give up smoking.

Some parents just never seem to get around to having their child circumcised. For whatever reason, they missed the boat at birth and decided to “wait and see”.

Just like most smokers they “know” they should give up for their own health and well being, so most parents “know” they should have their son circumcised for his health and well being.

The crucial point is deciding that you want to give up smoking, likewise, the crucial point is deciding that you want to have your child circumcised.

Circumcision is quick, simple, safe and harmless and can be done painlessly. The procedure only takes about ten minutes but your son will enjoy the benefits every day for the rest of his life.

Hopefully, the following pages within this section will help you make this important ‘right’ decision.

2       The Risks Of Being Circumcised

1       Think Out Of The Box

3       Still Worried?  Think Plastibell

4       Think Of Circumcision As Being Like An Inoculation

5       The Feel Good Factor

6       Imagine If Your Baby Could Talk

7       Reassurance

8       Decide Before You Plan A Baby









Your son
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you to
the right
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