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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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On the other hand if your subtle suggestion that he might want to be circumcised is not met with any enthusiasm you might have to employ plan B. If he explodes and asks you outright “are you seriously suggesting that you want me to be circumcised”, don’t answer directly yes or no. Take a leaf out of the politician’s book, and move the conversation sideways, thus avoiding a confrontation where he can inform you that that is never going to happen in a million years.

Continue pleasuring him heavily, keep on telling him how fantastic his cock looks and feels, how you can’t wait to have it in your mouth one day. Tell him how sexy he is and how much you love him. Pile on the compliments and praise, not letting him get a word in edgewise. Pretend to just ignore his question about wanting him circumcised. You want to try and let him get over the initial shock that you would like him to be circumcised. By continuing to pleasure him and dangling lots of carrots in front of him about your future wonderful sex life, he will hopefully just lay back and enjoy the experience. Tell him you want him inside you and let him have his wicked way with you. If he really loves you, he is very unlikely to want to risk this promising relationship, so hopefully he may decide to drop it for now, and give the matter some serious thought in the near future.

It will be much easier to raise the subject in a calm and unemotional manner, now that the initial shock of you wanting him to be circumcised is over. If he is one of the majority of men who want to be circumcised anyway, he may well see that this is his golden opportunity to realise his secret dreams. Handled carefully, there may well still be hope of success.

However, if it turns out that he is one of the minority of men, who most definitely would never consider being circumcised, then you may have a difficult decision to make, namely, put up with it forever, or finish the relationship.

If you do decide to put up with his foreskin forever, consider the problem if you have children. If he won’t have himself circumcised, it is most unlikely he will allow any sons of his to be done. It’s bad enough that you will have to put up with his lack of circumcision, but not being able to give your own child the benefits as well, could well be the final straw in a very sad scenario.

But, could either of you cope with an extreme foreskin like the poor man’s one in this picture?

Maybe, if he saw these pictures of these circumcised penises he’d be more enthusiastic?

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