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My husband had a very long, thick foreskin which did not retract automatically when erect. I had to peel it back and even if he had just washed, there was always a smell which turned me off. When having intercourse with me, his foreskin would slide back up over the glans and he would be sliding in and out of his own foreskin, rather than inside my pussy. This provided very little stimulation for me. Consequently, after discussing this for several months (during which time he did not provide me with a single orgasm), I persuaded him to be circumcised.

He went to a urologist recommended by our family doctor. Unfortunately, the circumcision was done pretty loosely; there was a large roll of skin left just behind the glans when he was soft and the frenulum was also still intact. However, this was a big improvement over the uncut state. After we had sex with his newly circumcised penis, my husband told everyone how it was the best thing he ever did. Sex was much better for him as well as for me. Unfortunately, I still didn’t like blowing him because that roll of skin behind his glans smelled just like his old, stinky foreskin. I spoke to my gynaecologist and she recommended another (female) surgeon. Both my husband and I went in to see her about tightening my husband’s circumcision and also about removing his frenulum.

She indicated it would be no problem and did the procedure, while I watched, about a week later. We are very happy with the results. He now has a very tight circumcision with no frenulum remaining. Even soft, there is no loose skin bunched up behind the glans. Sex is much better for both of us.

We have two sons, ages 10 and 7 and are planning to circumcise both of them very soon.