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Although Not Real, This Story is Typical - Page 2 of 2

This is a very common scenario. A couple split up and mum gets custody of her 8 year old child. She meets a new man. He turns out to be circumcised. She loves his foreskin free penis. Her new man notices that her son hasn’t been circumcised. He says she really ought to do something about that, without delay.

Trouble is, there’s nothing wrong with her son’s penis. Lucky for him, he doesn’t have any problems at all and he is perfectly happy with it, just the way it is. However, her new man, whom she loves very much, can’t understand why she never phones the clinic to arrange an appointment for her son. He says that it’s not fair on the child that he still hasn’t been circumcised. In his opinion, his foreskin should be removed as soon as possible, for his own good.

Mum protests that because there’s nothing wrong with it, she is not very happy at doing this to him needlessly. To her it’s like going to the dentist and having perfectly good teeth pulled out.

She has to admit that she really loves her new man’s circumcised penis. Sex is much better, she adores the look and feel of the smooth rounded end and it’s just wonderful that it never smells. He says that it’s only fair that her son should enjoy the same attractive penis too.

She doesn’t want to upset her new man, and so she concedes his point that her son deserves what she herself is now enjoying so much. With some reluctance, she allows him to make the necessary arrangements for her son’s impending circumcision.

As the day for her son’s op draws near, she knows that she will have to tell him what is going to be done to him. She dreads the task, not really knowing how best to go about it. She thought it best to come from her, his mum, rather than her new man, even though he did offer to explain it to her son.

When the day finally arrives, and she says to her son, that she has something important to tell him. She explains that he needs to have a little operation on his willy because there is a bit of wrinkly skin on the end that needs to be removed. She will take him to a doctor who will cut the offending piece of skin off.

As expected her son protests that there is nothing wrong with his willy, he is perfectly happy with it, just as it is. He does not want anything done to it. He can’t understand why his mum wants to do this to him. Why on earth does she want a doctor to remove the piece of skin that covers his willy? There’s nothing wrong with it.

She says it’s for his own good. He’s confused - how can it be good to mess about with his precious willy, when it’s perfectly normal and healthy? He begs her not to go ahead with what he sees as this unnecessary surgery. After all, it’s his willy, surely he has a right to say no, he doesn’t want it?

Somewhat floundering for what to say, she tells her son that it will look and feel much nicer and won’t smell any more. Which is all true, but she still wishes that her son didn’t have to go through this, even if it’s for his own good. Especially as she knows her son has no problems with his penis and is perfectly happy with it. So she feels very guilty forcing this unnecessary procedure on her powerless son, against his will. Even though his circumcision is not essential, logically she knows her partner is right, his foreskin should be removed in the interests of hygiene.

It has become obvious to her son that his mum is not going to relent, and that unfortunately, whether he likes it or not, he is powerless to prevent it happening. He is very unhappy and feels rather let down by his mum, but he decides it’s best to find out a bit more about what they are going to do to him. He asks his mum what will happen.

She replies, explaining that he will need to take off all his clothes and lie on the operating table. He will briefly be put to sleep for about ten minutes. The doctor will then remove the piece of skin that covers the end of his penis. He won’t know anything about it, and when he wakes up it will all be done and he can go home. She warns him that it will be a bit sore for about a week while it heals up. He will need to sit still, no running around, watch telly.

Mum was at great pains to let him know that there was nothing to worry about, he will be just fine. Most children have it done at some time, it’s perfectly normal. She also tells him that because his dad wasn’t circumcised, he wouldn’t allow him to be circumcised at birth. She says that had she had her way, he would have been done at birth, like most baby boys.

She assures him it will be worth it. Although it will feel a bit strange at first, he will get used to it, and eventually much prefer it. It will end up looking like his new dad’s willy, with a smooth, rounded end, rather than his present ugly, wet and smelly willy.

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