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A Maternity Unit Nurse Speaks Up

From here story is told by the child

The day arrives for the circumcision. Mum drives me to the clinic not far away. Once inside I am told to take off all my clothes, put on a gown and lie on the operating table. The nurse pulls up the lower part of the gown and a drape is put over my lower half, with a hole in it, for my willy to poke through. By now I’m getting very frightened, I really don’t want this done to me. The doctor has just arrived, he reassures me I won’t feel a thing, it will all be over in no time.

He tells me that it will be simple and quick, but it is very important that I have it done as it is very good for me and won’t harm me in any way. He says “Most children have this done to them. Your mum is doing this to you because she cares for you and wants the best for you. I know you are perfectly happy with your willy at the moment, but this will make it much nicer and stop it smelling”. I found the doctor’s words very comforting. So this was going to make my willy even better, not spoil it at all. Now it made sense, I wasn’t so worried.

The nurse said I would feel a little prick in my arm from the injection and would be asleep in a couple of seconds. I don’t even remember going to sleep, or waking up. It was as if only one second had passed. The nurse said it was all done. It appeared that nothing had happened. I felt wide awake and there was absolutely no pain at all. My willy felt completely normal, as if nothing had been done to it.

The nurse told me to rest for a few minutes, and she would get my mum to help me dress. After a while my mum returned, and looked very relieved that I was OK. She asked how I was, and I told her I was absolutely fine, nothing appeared to have happened.

She sat me up, it was only then that I felt a bit groggy. Looking down I saw a big bandage on my willy, with the rounded end poking out. My wrinkly bit of skin on the end had indeed been removed, just as mum had said. I was amazed and relieved that it didn’t hurt at all. I got dressed and we went home. Mum was right, there was absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

After a few hours the feeling gradually started to return to my willy. At first it wasn’t too bad, but it eventually felt like a ring of fire where my skin had been. I told mum it was getting painful and she gave me some Calpol and suggested I go to bed. I quickly fell asleep and woke up in the morning with one very sore willy. More Calpol followed and the soreness subsided somewhat.

We soaked the bandage off in a salt bath and I got my first look at the new improved willy. I was surprised (and a bit alarmed, to be honest) by how bruised it was, but the smooth, rounded end looked much nicer than the old wrinkly skin. Mum assured me that the bruising would soon go away and I’d forget all about it.

After a week all the pain had gone and after two weeks it had all healed up. There was no denying it did look much nicer. Although very sensitive I was beginning to enjoy how it felt. I loved the glans being exposed to the air all the time and the absence of unwanted pressure I used to get from my foreskin. The doctor was absolutely right, it was a big improvement. Best of all, there was absolutely no smell at all. Now I could touch it without getting my fingers wet and smelly, which was wonderful!

Also, having a pee, was now a breeze. It came out so easily - no more straining and I could aim exactly where I wanted, with complete confidence. My fingers stayed clean and dry too, no more trying to squeeze pee out from under a foreskin. All in all, I just loved it and I couldn’t wait to show it off to my friends!

Now I was so grateful for what my mum had done to me. My new dad thought it looked much nicer too, now that I didn’t have that ugly, wrinkly bit of skin on the end. Now my new willy looked just like his with a beautiful, smooth, rounded end. I was so proud of it. I’d already forgotten how upset I’d been when mum first told me I was having it done. Little did I realise, that really, I had my new dad to thank for my wonderful new willy.

To other children out there, if your parents tell you that you are going to be circumcised, don’t be alarmed, it really is nothing to worry about. Once it’s all over, you will have a wonderful new willy, that looks so much nicer, feels so much nicer and never, ever smells.