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Although Not Real, This Story is Typical

A friend of my wife’s had had a newborn baby boy a couple of months ago. She had an important meeting in town, but her husband was away on business for three weeks abroad. She asked my wife if she would mind baby sitting him for the day. My wife agreed, but when the date came round her car had a problem and was in the garage. I offered to give her a lift in my car.

We arrived at her friend’s house at the agreed time of nine o’clock. I dropped her off and went on to a computer exhibition. Once I had finished at the show, I left to pick up my wife. I arrived about twenty minutes early, since the traffic was lighter than expected. Her friend had not yet returned so I went inside the house.

Once inside, my wife confided in me, that she was worried about the baby boy’s penis. When she was changing his nappy, she couldn’t help noticing that he hadn’t been circumcised. Obviously, not all parents have their children circumcised, but knowing her friend, she would have expected that she would have had her son done. However, the real worry was that he had an unusually long foreskin, in fact the longest she had ever seen.

She asked if I would take a look and give my opinion. His nappy was duly undone, and sure enough, he hadn’t been circumcised and his foreskin was much longer than normal. It was bound to cause him problems, sex in later life would be almost impossible.

The dilemma was, should we mention it to her friend, or just keep quiet. I thought it better to mention it, she might not be aware there was a problem.

It wasn’t long before her friend was back. Somewhat nervously, my wife said she couldn’t help noticing that her baby hadn’t been circumcised and that his foreskin was unusually long. All of a sudden, her friend began to cry. When she had composed herself, she said that she had always expected to have any son of hers circumcised. When she mentioned it to her husband, shortly before their baby was born, he was adamant that circumcising him was out of the question. Furthermore, any more discussion was not to be allowed.

She was devastated. She had always just assumed that any son of hers would be bound to be circumcised, surely her husband would want the best for his son also.

She felt she had let her son down badly and should have fought his corner better. Had he been circumcised the long foreskin wouldn’t have been a problem either. Now there were two major problems, and she couldn’t even discuss the matter. She felt so angry and wretched.

She did admit that when she first met her husband, he was the man of her dreams, perfect in every way. She knew she would end up marrying him. There was just one small problem. He wasn’t circumcised. All her previous boyfriends had been circumcised. That was what she was used to, and what she liked. Sex had always been great, no problems.

She tried to tell herself that it really didn’t matter. She would get used to it. It wasn’t important. Anyway, once she had married him, she could probably persuade him to have it done, for her sake. Better not mention it until they were finally married though, in case it scared him off. That was the plan.

Unfortunately, despite trying as hard as she could to pretend it really didn’t matter that he wasn’t circumcised, it did matter. She hated the look, feel and smell, of his foreskin and longed to get the same wonderful stimulation from sex as she had always been used to. She constantly told herself, she would try and tackle him about not being circumcised, but the time was never right, it was always, next time.

The second rate sex was beginning to take it’s toll on their marriage. She began dreading the thought of it, and was making more and more excuses. He was getting ever more frustrated and seemed to be spending longer and longer on his business trips. Now he was on another, three weeks away abroad.

She was pretty distraught and couldn’t stop sobbing. It was very embarrassing and we both felt so sorry for her. More in jest and to lighten the mood a little, I suggested that she just take her baby to a circumcision clinic and have him done while hubby was away. Once it was done, there would be nothing that he could do about it. The situation, it seemed couldn’t get any worse.

We departed, feeling very sad that there was nothing we could do about the situation.

About a month later we were invited over to dinner, as a sort of thank you for the baby sitting. We duly arrived, rang the bell and was greeted by the smiling, radiant face of her friend. Once inside the atmosphere seemed very friendly and relaxed.

After a few drinks, she explained that out of total desperation, the next day she rang the circumcision clinic and booked an appointment to have her son done. They were able to do it the same day, and she returned a few hours later, with one son, sans foreskin. Within the week it was all healed up and at last she had what she wanted, her son with a beautifully circumcised penis. She was overjoyed, and knew she had done the right thing.

She was terrified as to what retribution this would bring on hubby’s return. The only consolation was that the marriage was effectively wrecked anyway.

She decided that she couldn’t tell her husband what she had done, he would have to find out for himself. When he returned that evening, she would be cooking the dinner and would ask him if he would mind changing the nappy.

The key turned in the lock and he came through the door. They exchanged pleasantries, and she asked him if he would mind changing the nappy, whilst she finished off the dinner. She was expecting an explosion any second. It never came. Instead, he exclaimed “Oh my God, that’s fantastic! He’s been circumcised, no more problem foreskin.” She couldn’t believe her ears! He actually seemed pleased. She explained to him, that in a fit of desperation, she just took him to the clinic and had him done.

He admitted it looked wonderful, and praised her for her courage in putting their son above any petty argument they may have had. Sensing she was on a bit of a roll, she popped the all important question. Since he seemed so taken with their son’s circumcision, would he consider having himself done, as she would much prefer it. To her surprise, he said that if it was that important to her, he would have it done. From that moment on, their mutual respect for each other continued to grow.

After he was circumcised, their sex life just exploded, for both of them. He could not believe how wonderful it felt to be circumcised and how much better sex was. For her, sex was even better than it had been in the past with her previous circumcised partners. It was as if they had just got married again, with all that fresh excitement. Their relationship had recovered from the ashes of despair, and they now had a lovely son, with a normal penis.

They lived happily ever after. Actually, I don’t know if that last sentence is true, but they were in with a jolly good chance!

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A True Story