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Think of Circumcision as Being Like an Inoculation

You have probably agonised over the decision, almost certainly in your heart of hearts, you know that it is best for him to be circumcised. Although logically you know that you should have him done, you may still harbour a nagging doubt that there is something that deep down, you are not quite happy with. After all, having bits cut off his penis, does not seem to be nice or natural.

To help you to be happy with your decision to have your baby boy circumcised, try to separate the outcome from the procedure. Ask yourself, if your baby was born without a foreskin (as a small number are) would it bother you? If it wouldn’t bother you that he was born without a foreskin, clearly you don’t have a problem with him not having one. Therefore, your only problem is with the procedure to actually remove his foreskin.

Most parents have little idea how their baby will be circumcised. They probably imagine that a doctor will use a knife to cut away all the foreskin until the glans is fully exposed. This will cause lots of bleeding. What if the knife slips and damages or cuts off the penis by accident? Unthinkable. Perhaps we had better abandon any thoughts of having him circumcised.

However, this is not how babies are circumcised today, precisely because of the risks and bleeding that older techniques suffered from. Nowadays, it’s possible to have your baby circumcised without a knife, with no bleeding, painlessly, completely safe and natural.

If you want the most “natural” way of having him circumcised, consider/remember The Plastibell Method. This is the most common method of circumcising babies anyway. Briefly, a plastic bell is popped under the foreskin, and a thread tied around, which rests in a groove in the rim of the bell. The thread prevents blood from reaching the foreskin, which then just dries up.

Eventually, during a nappy change, after about five days, the bell and skin will have naturally dropped off. Your baby boy now has a beautifully circumcised penis.

The process is very similar to clamping the umbilical cord after birth. The cord falls off naturally after about five days or so. A Plastibell circumcision is quick, simple, safe, painless and natural. If you were a little uneasy about circumcision before I hope that this has put your mind at rest, it really is nothing to worry about.

Also, please make sure you have a look at the newest, latest device for circumcision - The Circumplast.

Your son trusts and relies on you to make the right decision -

don’t let him down

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