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- Sites That Are Very Much In Favour

This site - A Parent’s Decision - is firmly in the first group.

I believe it is more helpful to nail my colours to the mast and state from the outset that:

I am completely in favour of circumcision.

I make no apologies for trying to convince you as a parent, that it is in your child's best interests to have him circumcised.

Even if at the moment you are not very happy with the idea, I urge you to take a few minutes to learn more about the subject. It could be one of the best few minutes you spend.

It is my experience that many parents have almost no knowledge of the subject and as such any decision is made from practically a zero knowledge base. In England, currently, ignorance and apathy abound. Your child deserves better than this! This unfortunate situation is not helped as the subject in England has virtually become taboo. I suspect the reason is, people do not feel comfortable discussing a subject they know very little about and they know very little about it since nobody discusses it.

Catch 22!

Please ensure that you have read my:
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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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