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You may want to look at The Methods section on this site to find out the various ways of being circumcised.

My method of choice would be The Gomco Clamp as it produces an excellent cosmetic result and the glans is protected during the procedure by the metal bell. Once it’s over, your child is circumcised, with foreskin removed, no need to wear a plastic bell for about a week till the skin drops off.

Prices start at about £75-£100 for a baby and increase as the child gets older (based on January 2014 prices).

If you have more than one boy, it’s very important to have all of them done as otherwise the ones left with a foreskin are likely to be jealous when they see their lucky brother’s attractive circumcised penis.

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Circumcision Info - METHODS

Circumcision Info - METHODS: The Gomco Clamp

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