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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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If your son has been circumcised it will have a big effect on his and his partner’s future sex life. Fortunately, this is likely to be very beneficial. It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of woman prefer a circumcised penis.

Over 90% of woman prefer the look of a circumcised penis with its smooth rounded end compared to one covered in a wrinkly foreskin. Just the sight of a foreskin puts most woman off sex, whereas most woman find the sight of a circumcised penis a turn on. As might also be expected, the vast majority of woman prefer the feel of a smooth rounded circumcised penis to one that is covered in wet and slimy folds of skin. Thirdly, it surely comes as no surprise that most woman definitely prefer a circumcised penis that is clean and hygienic and doesn’t smell, to one covered with a foreskin that is wet and smelly and coated with smegma, sweat, stale urine, germs and bacteria.

Of course, if your man is fastidious about his genital hygiene, he can wash himself every time just before sex. Unfortunately, this has the effect of destroying any spontaneity, which is one of the most exciting aspects of sex. If your man is lucky enough to be circumcised, this problem never arises, since his penis is clean, dry and hygienic 24/7, with no special cleaning regime required.

Only 1% of woman would allow an uncircumcised penis into their mouth for oral sex. Very bad news if you like oral sex and your man isn’t “done”.

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