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Some people claim that as a parent you don’t have the right to decide to circumcise your child without his permission. They claim that your child should be able to decide for himself when he is old enough if he wants to be circumcised. Removing a perfectly healthy part of your child’s genitals is denying him his right to keep his body intact as nature intended.

They also argue that if your baby or very young child could talk, he would beg you not to remove his precious foreskin. While this may well be true, your baby isn’t capable of realising the lifetime of benefits this simple procedure will give him. He only sees the immediate picture, a nasty injection and a sore willy for a few days. They also point out that your baby is defenceless and incapable of stopping the doctor performing this unwanted surgery on them.

Surely it can’t be right or ethical for a doctor to perform this unnecessary surgery on a helpless child without his permission. After all, a doctor is supposed to do no harm.

Except that this surgery will do no harm to your baby boy. It is necessary if your son is to have the best possible penis, a beautifully circumcised, foreskin free, trouble free penis.

I would answer that as a parent, not only do you have a right to do what you think is best for your child, you actually have a duty to do what’s best for your child. To do otherwise would be irresponsible at best, child neglect at worse.

- Ethics

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