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To reassure you, I have never met a single person who was circumcised that was not glad that they had had it done. That includes childhood friends who were forcibly circumcised against their will. Once it had healed up, they all loved it and thought it was a huge improvement all round. They were very glad that their parents had gone ahead with their circumcisions, ignoring their child’s protests.

Unfortunately, the same good outcome was not the case amongst those boys who weren't circumcised. The majority, about 75%, were not happy with their foreskins, they wished that they had been circumcised.

Also, I have never met a parent who had their child circumcised, who regretted it, neither did the children. However, most parents I know who didn’t have their sons circumcised, regretted it several times during their son’s childhood. The majority of the uncircumcised boys were unhappy with their foreskins and wished their parents had had them done.

The moral is clear, if your son’s happiness with his penis is important to you, have him circumcised. If you do, he is virtually guaranteed to be pleased with his penis. If you don’t have him done, it is more likely than not that he will be unhappy with his foreskin clad organ.

You need to do what is best for your child. You have a duty to do what is best for your child. Why condemn him to a second rate, foreskin clad penis when you could so easily give him a beautifully circumcised, best possible penis, that he will love. It just takes ten minutes for a lifetime of benefits.

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