A Parent’s Decision

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The Decision:  

To reassure you, I have never known a parent who had their child circumcised who regretted it. More importantly I have never known a child who was circumcised who wished he hadn’t been done. That is a 100% satisfaction rate.

However, the same cannot be said of parents who did not have their child circumcised. Many lived to regret their decision at several points in their lives. Some had their child circumcised later on in childhood whilst others still did nothing despite their regrets. The majority of my friends who weren't circumcised were not happy with their foreskins and wished they had been done as a baby or young child. Even though they disliked their foreskins only a small minority (about 10%) voluntarily were circumcised after they left home. The remaining 90% just suffered in silence for the rest of their lives.

Not only did the men suffer but for many their sexual partners also had to put up with their unpleasant foreskins. Not surprisingly, by far the majority of woman prefer a circumcised penis to one covered by a wet and smelly foreskin. More on that aspect in the Sex section.


The Decision

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