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All things being equal and given a choice, nine out of ten women prefer a man to be circumcised. That leaves one in ten women who say they prefer their men intact. It’s my experience that this is often a theoretical position, not necessarily born out of practical experience. They assume that “au natural” simply has to be better. Maybe, they had a bad experience with a circumcised guy, perhaps he was no good in bed or not a very nice person.

Often all it takes is a good experience with a circumcised guy to change their mind. This was the case with a Swedish girlfriend of mine. Like many Swedish girls, she was brought up to believe that circumcision was evil and unnecessary and would forever ruin your love life. When she found out I had been circumcised she felt very sorry for me. She assumed I had been forcibly circumcised as a child against my will and was powerless to prevent it.

When I explained I had it done of my own free will, she couldn’t understand why anybody would to do such a terrible thing. To cut a long story short, after only a short time she realised that she had never experienced sex so good, it was a revelation. I was the first circumcised man she had ever slept with.

Only about one percent of woman have what might be termed a foreskin fetish. This is where they believe that they can only enjoy sex with a man who is intact. Her man simply must have a foreskin. This is very rare, you are most unlikely to meet a woman like this.

Some women profess to not care whether their man is circumcised or not. Whilst a few women, when they are younger and not very experienced don’t seem to mind, most do eventually form a definite preference, and that is nearly always for circumcised men.

The fact is, if you are a man who is not circumcised, then you are going to face an ever greater rejection rate the older you get. However, if you are circumcised, nine out of ten women are going to prefer your penis. Those are odds that I’m very happy with.