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Before I start I must make these statements so that you are absolutely clear on the purpose of this site:




THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE is to help you as a parent to make the best decision as to whether you should have your son circumcised. I am not concerned with religious beliefs or ancient history in any way, I am just looking at the benefits from a medical and social perspective in a practical way.

Also, this site is not in any way concerned with so called ‘female circumcision’. ‘Female circumcision’ has nothing in common with male circumcision at all; ‘female circumcision’ is a needless genital mutilation perpetrated on innocent girls, and it provides no medical benefits.

Although designed primarily for parents who are about to have a child, this website is also relevant if you have a boy who, for whatever reason, was not circumcised and you are concerned that you should reconsider having him done. This web site also has advice specifically for young men, single mums and children who may have no one else to turn to for help or advice.

You’ve probably already done some research into the subject of circumcision, if so, it is likely that you will have found other web sites somewhat theoretical, clinical and impersonal. They are often driven by facts or belief, but not by experience.

This web site however, is born of my years of personal experience. The information I give here is heartfelt as I want to help you make the best decision. I give some very personal details as I have been through all this and suffered years of discomfort, embarrassment and infections, all because my parents refused to have me circumcised. I don’t want that for any of you, or your sons, so I do hope that you find this site useful.

THE AIM OF THIS SITE is to try and convince you as a parent that it is firmly in your son’s best interest to have him circumcised. You may have already decided to have him done and just need a little reassurance that you are doing the right thing.

If, on the other hand, you are still not convinced of the benefits of having your son circumcised, I really do hope I can change your mind. I want your son to grow up with a penis that he can be proud of, that is clean and hygienic, that both looks good, and just as important, feels good.

Finally, I tell my own story, and how not being circumcised as a child affected me, both physically and mentally. This was quite harrowing to write, but also therapeutic in a way. If you still have any doubts about having your son circumcised I hope that reading it might change your mind. (I acknowledge that My Story may seem a bit repetitive, and maybe even crude which you may find offensive - my apologies if that is so - but I had to write the whole story as it presents in my memory).

If I manage to persuade just one parent to have their little boy circumcised, who otherwise would not have enjoyed the benefits, it will have been worth all the work and effort.

Please note that although there have been a small number of updates, I do not plan to update this website on a regular basis - only if something major occurs in the news regarding circumcision that parents need to know.

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