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For those parents who decide against having their young sons circumcised (and I do so hope there aren’t many), you may find some useful, helpful information - regarding the retraction of your son’s foreskin - contained in the following links, where the subject is discussed on forums.  The last discussion has made my eyes water somewhat!

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- Problems Caused by the Foreskin
Lesions prevent the foreskin being retracted in
early years
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If your child isn’t circumcised, even if you wanted to clean under his foreskin as a baby, you won’t be able to. The foreskin is attached to the glans by lesions in the early years of life, and cannot be retracted to clean away the accumulation of smegma, stale urine, germs and bacteria. Obviously, this leaves your child vulnerable to soreness, itching and infections.

One of the problems for you as a parent, is when to attempt to retract your son’s foreskin. If you are lucky, it might be possible at about three years old. On the other hand, you may still not be able to retract his foreskin at seven years old. Each attempt is likely to be traumatic for you and your son - how much force should you use? None of this would be a problem if he was circumcised.

However, if your child has been circumcised, his penis gets cleaned every time you change his nappy or bath him. There is never a trace of smegma, stale urine, germs or bacteria. In short, he is much less likely to suffer from infections. Circumcision makes life so much better for you and your son.

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