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Problem 5 -
Child can worry about what is wrong with his penis;
often ashamed of it
Your son
trusts and
relies on
you to
the right
(Don’t let him down!)

Little boys are naturally curious not only about their own penis but that of their friends. They wonder how they measure up. It is quite common when out of sight of adults, that they will find an opportunity for "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" Eventually, it will become obvious there are two types of penis, those with skin and those without skin. At first this is just a curiosity and one they can't explain. However, there is no denying the obvious fact that one is ugly, wet and smelly and the other is pleasantly rounded, dry and doesn't smell. If yours is the ugly, wet and smelly one, it's sadly obvious, that you have drawn the short straw.

Particularly if most of his friends are circumcised it is possible that he could become ashamed of his penis and wonder what is wrong with it. He may well try to talk to his parents about his concerns. How they handle this delicate situation is very important.

Unfortunately, some parents try to fob their child off and tell him there is nothing wrong with his penis and that anyway, they are all slightly different. What the child wants, is an honest explanation and to be taken seriously. If he is old enough to have concerns, he should be old enough to understand a simple explanation of why his penis is different and covered in this wrinkly, smelly skin. He deserves to know why he hasn’t got a ‘normal’ attractive, hygienic circumcised penis.


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Circumcision Info

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