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- Problems Caused by the Foreskin
It doesn’t look or feel nice
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There is one aspect to circumcision that most people agree on. Even parents who would not dream of having their child circumcised, will mostly admit that the foreskin is not particularly attractive to look at. Almost everyone agrees that the exposed glans of the circumcised penis looks much nicer than a wrinkly foreskin.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, the number one reason most mums want their baby boy circumcised is because they think it looks neater and more attractive. Of course they can easily justify his circumcision on medical grounds, that it is more hygienic, which is true, but deep down inside, they want to see a neat, round, exposed glans when they change his nappy or bath him.

Parents who are opposed to circumcision often find this abhorrent. Removing your baby's foreskin just so you can see his neatly exposed glans is unforgivable, to them. I don't have a problem with a mum wanting her baby's penis to look as nice as possible, I think that is perfectly natural, and anyway she will still be giving her child all the benefits of circumcision, even if the primary reason was just cosmetic.

Interestingly, recent research has discovered that one of the main factors influencing the decision of whether to circumcise your baby, is the mother's personal sexual preference. If mum prefers a circumcised penis she is very likely to want her son done. Not unsurprisingly, mums want their son to have a penis that women will find attractive, or rather what they themselves find attractive.

That's dealt with the look of the circumcised penis, but an often overlooked fact that is just as important, is how your child's penis will feel after it's circumcised. The wrinkly end of the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis is for the most part wet, usually the remnants of urine from the last pee. Being wet makes it feel cold and the child also knows it is smelly under his skin. So an uncircumcised penis is cold, wet and smelly. Conversely, a circumcised penis feels warm because it is completely dry and it definitely never ever smells. So a circumcised penis feels warm and dry and doesn't smell. Which would you prefer?

Another aspect is that the foreskin exerts a constant albeit light pressure on the glans it covers. For those children unfortunate enough to have a tighter than average foreskin this unwanted pressure can be annoying. If you are female imagine someone gently squeezing one of your nipples between three fingers. Probably not too unpleasant, but definitely nicer when it stops. If you don't circumcise your son, this is what his penis will feel like all the time. When your son is able to retract his foreskin, he will be able to experience the relief of at last having his glans exposed to the air, without that annoying pressure. It has to be said not all children find this annoying, but if they do and they are not going to be circumcised, then sadly they will have no option but to put up with it.

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