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Problem 2 -
Urinating is a messy, unhygienic - and sometimes also 
distressing - experience

With a circumcised penis urinating is no problem. The urine comes straight out of the tip of the exposed glans in a straight line, there is no splatter and you can aim with great precision. When you have finished a quick flick removes the last drop from the end of the glans. Just pop your penis back into your pants. Your fingers remain clean and dry, your penis is clean and dry and your pants will be clean and dry.

Contrast that with an uncircumcised penis. The foreskin can deflect the urine, meaning it can sometimes come out at an unpredictable angle, you may even initially miss the bowl completely! As well as the angle sometimes being unpredictable the foreskin causes splatter, so droplets of urine spray over the rim of the bowl and some onto the floor.

When you have finished there will still be some urine trapped under the foreskin. The trapped urine has to be squeezed out using the fingers. This causes the fingers to get wet with urine, a problem if there are no washing facilities. No matter how hard or long you squeeze there will always be some urine left under the foreskin. Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes this urine gradually dribbles into your pants.

So now you have made a mess of the toilet, your hands are wet with urine and eventually your pants will have damp stained patches on them. How bad all this is depends very much on how long, thick and tight your foreskin is. All in all not very satisfactory, and unless you are circumcised, you will have to put up with this several times a day for the rest of your life. Some poor soul will have to clean up your mess in the toilet as well!


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Circumcision Info

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