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I have never met a single person in my life who was circumcised, who wasn’t glad that they were done. This includes childhood friends of mine who were forcibly circumcised against their will. Once it was all over, they agreed it was a huge improvement, they were so glad their parents did this to them.

The majority of my friends who weren't circumcised didn’t like their foreskins, and wished that they had been circumcised. Sadly, most just put up with it, because they were too embarrassed to see a doctor. Their longsuffering wives and partners also had to put up with it too.

If you’re in any doubt about having it done, I would urge you to just go for it. I promise you, you will never regret it. Once you experience what an improvement it is, you will certainly want any future baby boys of yours done. You will give another lucky child the joy of being circumcised.

The biggest stumbling block to most young men wanting to be circumcised is the embarrassment of seeing a doctor and admitting that they haven’t been circumcised. Once you’ve got over saying those few words, all the embarrassment will go away. You will then be able to discuss the matter with no more problems. If you go to a private circumcision clinic (see the link below, which will open in a new window), there is only one reason you will be there for, to have your foreskin removed. It’s so much easier because they already know you haven't been circumcised.

It is a tragedy that so many young men don’t get the circumcisions they desire, simply because of embarrassment. They will probably regret their inability to overcome their fears almost every day of their lives. Believe me, a few seconds of unease is well worth it to achieve the beautiful circumcised penis you deserve.


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