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Circumcision Info:  METHODS

The Plastibell method is the most popular way of circumcising babies and small children. Advantages are, it is quick, simple and safe. Some would argue it is the most natural method, as in many ways it mimics the umbilical cord, the foreskin withers and eventually the skin and bell drop off naturally after about 5 days.

The whole fitting procedure only takes about ten minutes.

The Plastibell is a clear plastic device somewhat like a thimble with a hole in the end for urinating and a groove round the rim. The bell is popped under the foreskin and a thread tied round the outside of the foreskin, such that it rests in the bell’s groove under the foreskin. This prevents the blood supply from reaching the foreskin. Once the bell is in place, the plastic handle can be snapped off. After about five days the skin will have withered and it just drops off naturally, along with the bell.      


No stitches are needed and there is virtually no bleeding. With adequate pain

relief, Lidocaine and or Emla cream, your baby won’t feel any pain. There

will be some slight discomfort for a few days whilst the bell is still in place. You can bathe your baby normally while the bell is still in place. Once the bell drops off, your baby will be left with a beautifully circumcised penis.

The Plastibell method produces a fairly low and loose style of circumcision. Equal amounts of inner and outer foreskin are removed and the scar line will be just behind the rim of the glans. The scar line will be covered by a small amount of remaining loose skin in the flaccid mode. Many parents find this cosmetically pleasing.

Pictures of baby just after fitting the Plastibell

The link on this page takes you to a photo of a circumcised BABY’S PENISES


This photo is very explicit;

Do not click here unless you are absolutely sure you wish to view this explicit photo


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