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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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The Moment of Truth


On the day when you plan your next sex session, I would suggest that you try and make him feel really wanted, safe and secure. Be extra nice to him and perhaps cook him his favourite meal. Get in a good bottle of wine, so you both end up nice and relaxed, but definitely not drunk! Make sure you have some attractive underwear on and maybe even light a few candles in the bedroom. This is going to be very special!

I would suggest that you have some wet wipes, tissues and either some KY jelly or baby oil in a drawer by the bed. Tell him that you are going to pleasure him and that he is to lay down naked on the bed, on his back. Have the wet wipes ready. Pull his foreskin back fully, as far as it will go, stretching it right down the shaft. Hold it back with the fingers of one hand at the base of his cock, so that the glans and shaft are fully exposed and in view. Take a wet wipe with your free hand and wipe away all the smegma and stale urine from his cock. You may need a second wipe to get it totally clean. Pat him dry with a tissue.

Tell him that this time you will get rid of the muck for him, but that in future you expect him to go to the bathroom and clean himself up. You need to be the one in control at the moment. He will probably find your dominance very sexy and be prepared to submit to your desires. Having subtly let him know that his willy must be absolutely clean before you will touch it, you have sowed the first seeds of your plan.

Get some oil or jelly and apply it liberally to the head and shaft of his cock, making sure that his skin is stretched tightly down the shaft, held by just two fingers at the base of his cock. Start to pleasure him by running your fingers round his head and rim and then down the shaft. Don’t move his foreskin back and forth at all, just move your fingers round his cock. Pleasure him just like you did your circumcised men in the past, his foreskin should play no part in it.

Chances are that he will find all this highly erotic. For a start, most uncircumcised men don’t use artificial lubrication, they rely on their smegma and trapped stale urine. Having you remove that smegma and stale urine and replacing it with sweet smelling oil is bound to be a revealing experience. It also might make him realise how unpleasant his smelly uncircumcised cock is for you. Masturbating him without involving his foreskin in any way at all, could also be a new experience for him. He may eventually see this as a fascinating foretaste of what it would feel like, once he is circumcised.

When you sense his is very aroused, tell him how wonderful you think his cock is. By now he should be rock hard, glans fully exposed, glistening with oil and not a trace of foreskin to be seen. Ask him if he doesn’t also think it looks wonderful too. He may just agree, or he may be much more enthusiastic.

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