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- Methods
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There are plenty of other ways of performing circumcisions.

The freehand method, which is the oldest of all, just involves the doctor cutting the foreskin off with a scalpel. No contraptions are used. This method is generally used for older children (above 12) and adults. The freehand method allows the largest number of styles from low and loose, to high and tight (for information about styles see the link below).

There are dozens of other devices such as The Tara Clamp, Smart Klamp etc, all with various advantages and disadvantages, but in England, none of these are in mainstream use.

The latest, newest method for performing circumcision procedures on baby boys is the Circumplast device,  produced by Novadien.

“Circumplast is the safest circumcision disposable device for male babies and children. We are sole distributor in UK. We supply to all over Europe.  

“Novadien Healthcare based in Sydney, Australia has developed this new circumcision device, called Circumplast®.

“The feedback that we have received from doctors in London, Luton, Cambridge , Derby and Manchester is testament to this. We are sure, that you will be satisfied with the results.

“The Circumplast device is a single-use sterile circumcision device made from plastic and comes with a ligature.”

Full information is given here:  The Circumplast Device

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