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You Are Perfectly Happy With Your Uncircumcised Penis

If you're desperate, you don’t have any doubts, you know what you want, and will just go ahead. However, if you are pretty sure you would prefer it, you might still need a little reassurance that the end result will be all you had hoped for. You might imagine that that would be impossible. After all, it’s irreversible, once done, it can’t be undone.

To give yourself a good idea of what it will be like, get a condom and cut the end off. Make a hole just big enough for your glans to pass through. Wash and dry yourself well, fully retract your foreskin and pass the hole in the condom over the glans. Stretch the remainder of the condom down the shaft, covering the foreskin. You should now have your glans permanently exposed, whilst the foreskin is kept back down the shaft by the condom.

Use this technique day and night for a minimum of ten days. This will give you a good idea of what it will feel like once you have been circumcised. Obviously, at first, your glans will feel very sensitive as it rubs against your underwear. As your glans dries out and toughens up, you will start to get used to it. Eventually, you will not just be used to it but start to like it. If you persevere for long enough, you will notice your glans getting bigger, firmer and plumper. The colour will start to change from a purplish blue, to a more attractive and normal flesh pink.

Other improvements you will notice are when having a pee. Now it will come out so much easier, since you don’t have to force your foreskin apart. With the glans exposed, it just comes straight out of the end, with no effort at all. Now you can aim with great precision, no more missing the toilet bowl. When you’ve finished, just a quick flick is all that is necessary to dislodge the last drop from the end. Your fingers stay clean and dry, your penis stays clean and dry, and there’s no more trapped urine dribbling into your pants. I think you’ll agree, it’s a huge improvement having your glans permanently exposed. You will also notice that now it’s always clean and dry, no more wet and smelly.

One thing you will have to ignore is the rather unpleasant feeling of your foreskin being trapped under the condom. You know that this will not be a problem once you are circumcised for real. Just concentrate on the sensation of the glans being permanently exposed to the air. The annoying tightness of the condom and the trapped foreskin will not be there when you’ve actually been circumcised.

Hopefully, you will be convinced that being circumcised will bring a whole raft of improvements. If you liked the trial, then it will be considerably better once you have had it done for real. After you have been circumcised your glans will grow to be about 25% bigger, since it can grow to it’s natural size, rather than being constricted by the foreskin. After a couple of months it will already be about 15% bigger. It will take about two years to get to the full 25% bigger. It will also get firmer and plumper and the ridge will become very firmly defined. All this will lead to a substantial improvement in the stimulation your lucky partner will receive.

If, in the unlikely event that you didn’t like the feeling of having your glans exposed permanently to the air, then maybe circumcision isn’t for you. A very small number of men never get used to their glans rubbing against their underwear, and find it very irritating. It is important to give the trial a reasonable time, as some take longer to adapt to the new way it feels.

Children who are circumcised at birth have nothing to compare with. They don’t complain it feels funny or they don’t like it. For them it has always been like this, it seems perfectly normal and natural. Children who are circumcised later in their childhood, say after the age of five years old, especially if it’s against their will, occasionally have trouble adjusting to the new way it feels. They can find the new sensitivity and the unwanted constant stimulation of their newly exposed glans alarming and irritating, particularly if their parents hadn’t warned them of this before hand. Fortunately, most children do eventually get used to, and learn to love their circumcised penis.

Men who want to be circumcised hardly ever have problems adjusting to the new way it feels. They will have a very good idea beforehand of what to expect, they are most unlikely to be disappointed. Once they have got used to and positively love the feeling of a permanently exposed glans, it would be unimaginable to ever go back to the bad old days of having an ugly, wet and smelly organ.