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Circumcision offers no protection against the HIV virus


- Ten Common Myths
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This common myth is untrue.

Recent trials in Africa of 5000 men prove categorically that if you are circumcised, you are 65% less likely to become infected by the HIV virus.

Indeed, the trial was so definitive, that it was stopped early on, on ethical grounds. All the men who weren't circumcised were offered the chance to have it done immediately.

Previous to this trial, it was generally believed that circumcision only offered around 15% protection against the virus. The results of the trial were so positive that the World Heath Organisation (WHO) recommended an attempt be made to circumcise as many children and young men as practically possible.

This would save tens of millions of lives and untold suffering. It would also bestow all the other benefits of circumcision to countless children. Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, was so impressed with the findings that he set up a trust fund to help provide resources for the project.

Thirty years of trying to persuade African men to use condoms has been a total failure. Using a condom, you need to use a new one every time. Once a child has been circumcised, it’s for life, it only needs doing once, and can’t be undone. Whilst not 100% effective, circumcision is likely to be the most effective weapon yet against AIDS. Don’t forget, if you haven’t got HIV, you can’t pass it on. This will help to reduce the spread of the virus.