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Most anti-circumcision websites state that circumcision
offers no protection against cancer of the penis


- Ten Common Myths
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Once again, untrue.

Cancer of the penis is virtually unknown in men who were circumcised at birth. Fact. Notice the all important “at birth” They always leave that vital piece of information out. The guaranteed protection is gone, if circumcision took place after about three months old. Unless your child is circumcised within a few weeks of birth the guaranteed near 100% protection is lost.

These web sites never distinguish between men who were circumcised at birth and those who had it done later. Since many children are circumcised later in their childhood, they have less protection, despite being circumcised. Some men are also circumcised as adults, this bestows a slight advantage. These later show up in statistics that even circumcised men get cancer of the penis. It is thought that cancer of the penis takes about twenty years to show symptoms, so if it starts in a man in his twenties, it might not show until his forties, which is when many men show symptoms.

Another trick they often use is to state that cancer of the penis is extremely rare. They don’t define “extremely rare” The argument often states, that because it is so rare, it simply isn’t worth routinely circumcising babies, just on the off chance that it may save a few from cancer of the penis. Firstly, invasive cancer of the penis is virtually always fatal, within a few years. Secondly, you have about a 1 in 500 chance of getting cancer of the penis in your lifetime. I don’t call that “extremely rare”

If it’s your son who eventually dies of cancer of the penis, is “extremely rare” any consolation? How would you feel, knowing that you could have prevented it, and given him all the benefits of circumcision, simply by having him done as a baby?

In England, you are slightly more likely to die of cancer of the penis than be killed by a drunk driver. Look how much effort goes into trying to stop drunk drivers. How much effort goes into trying to persuade parents to have their children circumcised? Answer: None.

If all children were routinely circumcised at birth, it would save an inestimable amount of suffering and provide every child with the benefits of a healthy, hygienic penis. It would virtually wipe out cancer of the penis too.

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