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It does appear that the baby’s penis has indeed been reduced to a mere stump. However, in reality, this is not the case at all.

With a Plastibell circumcision, the bell is placed under the foreskin and a piece of string is tied on the outside of the foreskin, resting in a groove on the rim of the bell. The bell stays in place until the foreskin drops off naturally after about five days.

What you are seeing in the photo top right, is a photo (not necessarily the one used by

anti-circumcision websites) showing the Plastibell still in place. This obscures the

glans and looks like the baby’s glans has been removed. Of course it hasn’t been removed,

it’s just that it is not very visible.

Once the bell and foreskin drop off, the baby’s penis will be completely normal, with the

glans intact and exposed, just as it should be. The photo second photo (bottom right)

shows the baby’s penis two months after his circumcision, while he is in the bath. As you

can see, it is not a stump. His glans is fully intact  If you are unaware of what a Plastibell

circumcision looks like, just after the bell has been fitted, I agree, it can look quite


Again, this just displays the underhand tactics many anti-circumcision web sites employ to

shock unsuspecting parents. Whether this particular attempt is perpetrated out of a

deliberate attempt to deceive or whether it is down to pure ignorance, it hard to know.

If it’s the later they should discover the facts before they start misleading parents.

Common Myth 7 -
There is a photo going around on some anti-circumcision websites
showing a baby that has just been circumcised with a Plastibell device;
it states that the baby’s penis has been reduced to a stump



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