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There is no denying, that for all it’s faults, the foreskin is highly efficient at bringing the penis to orgasm. The intimate contact with the glans, the rapid covering and uncovering of the glans is unmatched in the speed and efficiency of masturbating. Before I was circumcised, I could come from a standing start in just under two minutes. If I felt like a quickie, I could be in and out of the loo in less time than it took for the other bodily functions.

However, if you were circumcised as a baby or young child, you will have had no comparison of what it was like to masturbate with a foreskin. When you start to masturbate, your only experience will be without a foreskin. You will learn your technique from scratch. So it takes as long as it takes, which will be longer than if you hadn’t been circumcised. That is not necessarily a disadvantage. By and large, most people would agree, the longer you can make it last, the more enjoyable.

Fantasies become much more important when you are circumcised. Before I was circumcised, there was barely time to build the fantasy. By the time I had started chatting up the pretty girl in the bar, it was all over! Now I don’t have a foreskin, it takes long enough to squeeze in several fantasies, much more enjoyable!

Suddenly finding myself at twenty eight years old, without a foreskin, I had to learn a completely new technique. It took quite a bit of time, but was very enjoyable. There were times when I would have given anything just to have my foreskin back for a couple of minutes, so I could finish the job off quickly! Knowing this was obviously impossible, it nevertheless added a certain piquancy to the proceedings. No way did I ever regret being circumcised, nothing could be further from the truth.

What is masturbating normally? Normal, if you aren't circumcised is probably high efficiency, high speed mode, quickie if you are desperate. Normal, if you are circumcised is take your time, relaxed, more varied, enjoy the fantasies.

In truth, there is no normal. Circumcision will not spoil your son’s enjoyment, it will just be different. I feel like doing it more often, probably because of the gentle stimulation from my permanently exposed glans. I definitely enjoy masturbating more since I was circumcised.

Common Myth 5 -
Without a foreskin your son will be unable to masturbate normally


Your son trusts and

relies on you


make the right decision -

don’t let him down

Yes, I do
quite a lot.
It is, after all,
important to boys
(especially at
puberty), and
to adults too.

and read how I
justify this!



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