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All the skin on your body has nerve endings. There is nothing especially different about the foreskin. In fact, the foreskin is not particularly sensitive. It is the glans that is the sensitive part of the penis. If you haven't been circumcised, you are not very aware of your penis in your underpants. When your foreskin rubs against your underpants, it produces virtually no sensation, precisely because it is no more sensitive than most of the other skin on your body.

If however, you have just been circumcised, one of the first things you will notice is the fantastic sensitivity as your newly exposed glans rubs against your underpants. That is precisely because it is the glans that is the sensitive part of your penis. In time, the sensitivity of your newly exposed glans will reduce and you will get used to the feelings as it rubs against your underpants. Not only will you get used to your permanently exposed glans, you will find the gentle stimulation pleasurable.

When it comes to sex, the foreskin is just a nuisance. It gets in the way. It is the glans that provides the pleasure for both the man and the woman, not the foreskin. Touching the outside edge of the foreskin produces virtually no sensation. Whilst the inside edge of the foreskin is more sensitive than the outside, it is nowhere near the fantastic sensitivity of the glans. The inside edge of the foreskin is not generally available for access. You need to pull the foreskin right back down the shaft to expose the inner edge. Touching this inner edge has little effect compared to stimulating the glans.

If you are fortunate enough to have had a high and tight style of circumcision then almost the whole of the inside edge of the foreskin is preserved and now covers the shaft of the penis. It is in fact now more “accessible” than if you weren’t circumcised!

Take it from me, I spent twenty eight years with a foreskin and the rest of my life circumcised. I promise you I have not lost any sensitivity by being circumcised, my sex life has been transformed for the better by getting rid of my foreskin.

- Ten Common Myths
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