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It is perfectly true that in the past there was a gung ho attitude by doctors when it came down to pain relief whilst your baby was being circumcised. The end justified the means, all that mattered was that your baby’s foreskin was removed, regardless of the suffering caused. The majority of parents considered it acceptable to inflict such pain, for the benefits that circumcision would bring to their child.

However, some parents considered the pain and suffering was just too much for their child to bear, even for the many benefits circumcision brings.

Today, attitudes have changed, thank goodness. Most parents now expect their son’s circumcision to be painless, and as stress free as possible. Indeed as a parent it is absolutely your responsibility to make quite sure that your son will receive adequate pain relief.

These days many babies sleep through their circumcision and only suffer mild discomfort for a few days while their penis heals up. That surely is a price worth paying for a lifetime of benefits.

No one ever remembers being circumcised as a baby, even those who were circumcised without any pain relief in the past. If there was any truth in the allegation that circumcision traumatises one for life, then virtually every male child and adult in the USA would indeed be traumatised. I don’t see any evidence of that.

Common Myth 3 -
Having your baby circumcised will cause unimaginable pain 
and suffering;  this will traumatise him for life

Your son trusts and

relies on you


make the right decision -

don’t let him down


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