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As a parent, not only do you have a right to make decisions for your child that he cannot make for himself, but you have a duty to make the best decisions possible for him.

You have to decide what religion he will be brought up in, if any. You also have to decide what inoculations he will be given, if any. You also need to decide whether to have him circumcised or not.

It sounds perfectly reasonable to wait until your son is old enough to decide for himself if he wants to be circumcised. But at what age is he capable of making this momentous decision? Is eight years old enough? Quite a burden at only eight years old, I would have thought. Perhaps twelve would be better? By twelve years old your child has already gone through the majority of his childhood, putting up with that foreskin.

Childhood years are very formative, it is most unlikely that he will have failed to notice that many of his friends have much nicer looking willies than his. Doubtless he will have glanced at his lucky circumcised friends with their attractive rounded ends, and wonder what is wrong with his. This is unlikely to aid his self esteem.

Not unsurprisingly, if you asked most twelve year old boys if they fancied going into hospital and having bits cut off their willy, they would decline the offer. However, if as a parent you were able to wave a magic wand and your son’s penis could instantly be transformed into one like his lucky circumcised friends, most would gladly accept.

The voice of reason often comments that if you elect to have your son circumcised at birth, then when he grows up and finds out what you have done to him, he will either like it or hate it. Given that there are two possible outcomes, many otherwise intelligent parents will ascribe a 50% chance he will like it, or a 50% chance he will hate it. Sounds logical.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, virtually all children who have been circumcised are perfectly happy with their penises. Most will go through their childhood completely unaware that anything has been done to their penis. They have no recollection of their circumcision, their penis has always been the same, normal and natural, with no problems. Finding out that they had a bit of skin removed when they were a baby does not suddenly make them hate their penis. Nor will it make him angry with his parent or parents.

Sadly the same cannot be said of those unfortunate children who were not circumcised. The majority, about 75%, will have looked enviously at their lucky friend’s attractive, rounded circumcised penises and wished theirs was the same.

The lesson is clear. The chances of your son liking or hating his circumcised or uncircumcised penis are nowhere near the same. If you have him circumcised, it is as near 100% certain he will be happy. If you don’t have him circumcised, it is extremely likely he will be unhappy with his penis. However, it is most unlikely he would willingly submit to the fear, embarrassment and pain of going into hospital at twelve years old. You’ve left it too late and he will likely just have to put up with his unwanted foreskin for the rest of his life. That also includes his future wife/partner too.

- Ten Common Myths
If you have your son circumcised at birth you remove
his choice as to whether he wants it done;  you should
leave it until he is old enough to make his own decision.
Once removed it cannot be put back!

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