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Fewer parents are having their children circumcised;
your child runs the risk of being teased or bullied
at school if you have him circumcised

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Whilst it’s true that circumcision rates in England did drop over the last couple of decades, it is thankfully, on the increase again now. Parents can now easily get hold of information on the Internet. More and more parents are becoming aware of the benefits of circumcision. Even more importantly they are becoming aware of the problems that not circumcising their child will bring.

Worldwide, circumcision is on the increase. In many countries it is now completely the norm, with virtually all children being circumcised. To name just a few, America, South Korea, The Philippines, Turkey and South Africa all have circumcision rates of almost 100%. Many other countries circumcise most of their children, if not 100%. China and Japan, traditionally didn’t routinely circumcise their children, but an ever increasing number of well educated and affluent parents are demanding that their children be circumcised.

The likelihood of your son’s friends being circumcised is almost entirely dictated by how well educated their parents are. Basically, the better informed the parents are, the more likely they are to be aware of the benefits circumcision brings. So, well educated parents are much more likely to have their children circumcised.

Even if your child does find himself in a minority at school, that does not mean that his circumcised penis is inferior. If a boy is strong, handsome and intelligent, he may well be in a minority, but that doesn’t mean most of the class won’t envy him. You might have a brand new shiny bicycle, while most of the other boys have old, rusty and battered bikes. Just because your shiny, new bike is in a minority, doesn’t make it inferior. The other boys still wished they too, had a bike like yours.

It’s no different for willies. Even if most of the other boys aren’t circumcised, they will still look at your son’s attractive circumcised willy, and wish theirs was as nice.

I was in a minority all my school life because I wasn’t circumcised. Circumcision was the norm, with about 70% of boys done. I was never ever teased or bullied because I wasn’t circumcised. The boys who were circumcised knew they were the lucky ones and were proud of their lovely rounded penises. Mostly, they felt sorry for me and the couple of other boys, with our unattractive, “anteaters”. There was no doubt that circumcised was best.

Your son trusts and relies on you to make the right decision -

don’t let him down