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Your son does not need a foreskin. He can function much better without one. The protective function it once gave to his glans is no longer needed. Babies wear nappies, children and adults wear underpants. These are perfectly adequate at protecting your son’s glans.

In order for your son’s penis to remain clean, dry and hygienic, his glans needs to be permanently exposed to the air at all times. Having a permanently exposed glans will do your son absolutely no harm whatsoever. Apart from ensuring total cleanliness and hygiene 24/7, it brings numerous other benefits and permanently solves all the problems a foreskin would otherwise cause him.

I repeat, your son’s foreskin is not an essential part of his penis. One hundred and fifty million American children and adults have no foreskin, it causes them no problems. In fact, it is highly desirable to have your son’s foreskin removed. This is why virtually every American parent does this to their newborn son as a matter of course. Why on earth would any loving parent do this to their child if it produced no benefits and destroyed an essential part of their child’s penis?

As to ruining your son’s sex life, the total opposite is the case. Although you can enjoy sex if you haven’t been circumcised, it’s much better for both partners without the foreskin getting in the way. See more in the Sex section.

Common Myth 1 -
Removing your son’s foreskin will destroy an essential part of his
Penis, which will cause him many problems and ruin his sex life

Fact 1:
Your son
trusts and
relies on
you to
the right
(Don’t let him down!)


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