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I’m not usually one for smiley's, but you will find a couple in My Story when you read about my childhood.  They’re there to express when I was sad, desperate or angry - sometimes even all three emotions, and more.

Writing My Story has been a long, long labour of love.  It has allowed me to acknowledge my anger against my father, who really was a lovely man and a great Dad.  It was only on this one point that he ever “failed” me;  he has been long gone now and I still don’t know - can’t understand - the reason why he was so against my circumcision.  I wish I could know, but I’ll never find out now.

Yes, writing this has been cathartic.  I just hope it helps others.  

I hope that once you’ve read My Story that not only will you have a greater understanding for my apparent “obsession” with circumcision.

And, of course, I want readers to realise that I’m a normal, ordinary, everyday family man. Though I am now quite elderly!  I am very lucky - I have a wonderful wife, fabulous memories of my first wonderful wife, two daughters and several grandchildren.

One thing that My Story is NOT intended to do is to provide readers with a sense of Schadenfreude.  (Nor am I looking for pity).

Names in My Story have been changed for anonymity and to avoid any embarrassment or offence.

Now, please do progress through my life, starting with an Introduction/


According to Wikipedia:

Catharsis (from the Greek κάθαρσις katharsis meaning "purification" or "cleansing") is the purification and purgation of emotions — especially pity and fear — through art or to any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.  It is a metaphor originally used by Aristotle in the Poetics to describe the effects of tragedy on the spectator.

Schadenfreude  is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This word is a loanword from German. The literal English translation is 'Harm-Joy'. It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. It is also borrowed by some other languages.

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