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Plan of Action


Most men who aren’t circumcised wish they were. During childhood, they will almost certainly have glanced at their lucky circumcised friends, and wished that they too had an attractive penis like theirs. Many men secretly fantasise as to what it would be like if they were circumcised. They are unlikely to admit it, but they have probably spent plenty of time masturbating about having themselves circumcised one day.

However, few of these men will actually get around to having their circumcisions done. It remains just a fantasy. It’s always “mañana”, in the holidays, after Christmas and so on. What is needed is something to give that little push to action. Possibly, a difficult to cure foreskin infection or a disparaging remark from someone about uncircumcised penises. Perhaps a subtle suggestion on your part of how much nicer it could be without that nasty bit of skin on the end.

If it’s really, really important to you that your dream man is circumcised, and you discover he isn’t done, it’s best not to mention it the first time you have sex together. Go along with it as best you can, you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. If he is the sensitive type, he may well have noticed that you are slightly ill at ease with his penis. You need to have a plan of action in place for your second sex session.

If you get to a second session, you have both decided that there is a way forward and that you both want to explore your relationship in more detail. Now is the time to air any wishes, likes or concerns. You need to deal with his lack of circumcision now, rather than later. If you do leave it, he might well want to know why you didn’t mention the problem at the start.

In trying to persuade him to be circumcised, you will have to tread very carefully. Never be confrontational, always praise him, subtly suggest how much better your sex life would be if he didn’t have that little unnecessary covering of skin on the end of his magnificent cock (use that word, it could have more impact that using “penis”).

Be careful of the vocabulary you use. Don’t use the word circumcision. Just the sound of it can put many men into a panic, it’s highly emotive. Say something along the lines of “without that troublesome bit of skin” It suggests that it’s already gone and you can now look forward to a much better penis. Similarly, don’t use phrases like “cut off” or “remove”. Use a euphemism for the ugly word foreskin, such as “covering” or “anteater”. It’s OK to say “exposed glans” since it conveys a sense of liberation and freedom.